L'Érable au Fil du Temps

Erable au fil du temps
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Phone Number

+1 (450) 248-9059

Region Estrie


84, 1er rang Sud
St-Ignace de Stanbridge
(QC) J0J 1Y0


“L’Érable au Fil du Temps” is a Quebec-based maple syrup producer, processor, and authorized buyer. Our maple grove embodies the vision of two young entrepreneurs who, in 2009, decided to acquire an abandoned farm and establish their own agricultural and maple operation. The primary goal was to provide their children with the experience of life on a working farm.

Located in the Montérégie region, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and automated technology ensuring year-round production, “L’Érable au Fil du Temps” specializes in transforming maple cones. Our products can be found at Metro, Sobey’s IGA Quebec, as well as in various markets and gourmet stores. The maple cones represent a value-added frozen range, serving as both an energy-packed snack and a frozen dessert with traditional maple or fruity (cranberry and blueberry) flavors. Natural, vegan, peanut-free, and made from 100% pure maple syrup, “L’Érable au Fil du Temps” offers innovative packaging, featuring a reusable vacuum-sealed thermoformed tray, ensuring freshness.