Maple Industry Council

Founded in 2002, the Maple Industry Council (MIC), affiliated with the Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ), annually brings together some fifty authorized buyers annually, i.e. any processing or sales company that receives and purchases bulk maple syrup or water from a Quebec producer.

Active for over 20 years, the Maple Industry Council has been the accredited representative, since 2010 by the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec, of all authorized buyers of bulk maple syrup for the purposes of negotiating a marketing agreement with the Producteurs et productrices acéricoles du Québec. Since 2013, the MIC has also included authorized buyers of maple water.

The main objective of the MIC is to represent and defend the interests of its members, and to promote them. Member companies process maple syrup in various forms: syrup, sugar, flakes, butter and others. These products are sold in over 70 countries.

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Maple Processing

There are many stages in the processing of maple syrup at the plant: receipt of barrels from producers, grading and quality assessment of syrups, processing and containerization of products, packaging and shipping to customers.

Industry Profile

Since the adoption of the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers’ Joint Plan in 1998, the Quebec industry has been operating under a regulated system of collective maple syrup marketing.

Our Expertise

Nearly 100 years of expertise in Quebec maple syrup processing. Since its beginnings n 1925, the processing industry has gone from strength to strength, and today the Maple Industry Council (MIC) brings together 23 member companies dedicated to maple processing.

International Network

True ambassadors for the industry, members of the Maple Industry Council (MIC) sell and promote Quebec maple products in over 70 countries.

Our members

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