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Quebec maple products are sold in a variety of forms: in addition to pure maple syrup, our best-known product, Quebec maple syrup is processed into sugar, flakes, butter, taffy, confectionery, marinades and other products, such as spirits. Additionally, pure, ready-to-drink maple water is available in a variety of markets. Maple syrup, like maple water concentrate, is also used as a sweetening agent in various food products. Most of these products are available under an organic label.

Les produits de l'érable

Maple Butter

Maple butter, made exclusively from pure maple syrup, is undoubtedly one of the gods’ delights! Smooth and tasty, this product can satisfy even the most discerning palates. It pairs well with breakfast and brunch, and can simply be enjoyed by the spoonful.

Les produits de l'érable

Maple Syrup

As the flagship product of the Quebec maple syrup industry, our maple syrup is carefully crafted during both production and processing stages. The reputation of this exceptional product is well- established, and worldwide demand has been rising steadily for years. Its organoleptic qualities and nutritional virtues attract a growing number of consumers. It can be enjoyed in countless ways and with various dishes.

Les produits de l'érable

Maple Sugar and Flakes

Maple sugar and maple flakes are made from a single ingredient: pure maple syrup. Like syrup, sugar and flakes are also enjoying a boom among consumers. They are used as advantageous replacements for sugar or brown sugar in various dishes and desserts. Once you try them, you’ll be hooked!

Les produits de l'érable

Maple taffy, candies, etc.

Maple taffy and confections invariably bring back happy memories. They’re everywhere on the market, along with marinades and other excellent products that have emerged in recent years. In fact, an increasing number of new maple products are being developed every year by our processors to adapt to the evolving tastes of today’s consumers.

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