Nokomis Canada inc.

Nokomis Canada inc.



Phone Number

+1 (418) 851-1779

Region Bas-Saint-Laurent


500, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Trois-Pistoles (Québec)
G0L 4K0 Canada

About Us

Nokomis is fortunate to have the support of around a hundred maple syrup producer families in the Lower St. Lawrence region who have passed down their trade from generation to generation.

As a global leader in maple syrup production, Bas-Saint-Laurent stands out as one of the northernmost maple syrup-producing regions worldwide.

With its challenging climate and pristine sugar maple forests, Nokomis provides customers with the assurance of an authentic Quebec product.

Nokomis Company offers its customers worldwide a comprehensive range of traditional and organic maple products known for their high quality, in full accordance with the Quebec maple syrup tradition.

Our certifications

Biologique ⎸Ecocert JAS ⎸Kasher